“…Two minutes of silence”

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“Creativity can only come from silence. If we maintain two minutes of silence every day, then we will see that a whole new dimension of life opens up.”

― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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13 thoughts on ““…Two minutes of silence”

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    Suzette often posts quotes that I connect with, but some certainly more than others. This quote from Ravi Shankar (whom I hadn’t known of) really speaks to me.

    In fact, I recently wrote a micropoem about the special silence of the night, which will be published on my Twitter account tomorrow. It goes like this:

    Envelopes night’s stillness
    Buzzes air stone pump
    Empties mind of distractions
    Come words in their correct
    Order only
    at night
    the keyboard

    Such lovely
    Lovely silence ~ aloneness

    Hides moon behind cloud
    Understands poetry



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