Heirloom – A Short Story ~ For Tuesday Story 8

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Her tattered but cherished gloves itched her fingers as she tried to free them from her frozen fingers. They were a family heirloom worn by her grandma. Many decades ago, she pleaded with her Oma (the name all her grandkids affectionately called Cecilia’s grandma), to leave her the gloves in her will. Smiling as she remembered the discussion with her Oma, Cecilia tugged at the stubborn off-white satin pinching her tender appendage.

Long ago, one morning, as her grandmother sat purling another of her famous foot warmers from her eclectic basket of yarn, Cecilia knitted the argument for her case. Cecilia, then, at the tender age of 5, made her closing summation as follows. ‘If you leave me your favorite gloves, Oma, then I will remember you when I go sailing on a cruise ship. And, as the waves toss my hat in the wind I will keep your gloves safely between my teeth.’


Written for Paula Light Motifs’ Tuesday Story 8

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21 thoughts on “Heirloom – A Short Story ~ For Tuesday Story 8

  1. such a tender piece Suzette.. Love something as simple as gloves was her item of choice. mine was my grandmas buttons in a jar and that we played a game with and these special animal glasses. I got them but one of my cousins decided he should have one .. ( i wasn’t too happy about that) but his wife found others at an estate sale.. Oh now I have tears and a story of my own. Thanks for the memories and I best go write in my notes before I forget. Thank you. You are almost at 1,000 followers 👏👏👏👏❤️

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    1. You are most welcome Cindy. I am always happy when words bring good memories. The items that connect us to special times with loved ones may seem simple…but the feelings are rich and deeply treasurrd. I can totally relate to your cherished items.
      And, thanks for noticing the numbers – yes, almost 1k.❤

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