The Promised Land ~#writephoto – A Poem

Hope is a staff in the hand of the prophet

Atop Mount Nebo, Moab’s hilly silhouette

Whose lookout is the valley of the promise:

Where a legacy walks from the wilderness,

Baptizes a holy river, and shouts down walls

Where a sea is a salt lake and is dead but lives

Where hope is a staff in the hand of the promise.


Written for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo – Returning: #writephoto


Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

25 thoughts on “The Promised Land ~#writephoto – A Poem

  1. I immediately thought of Moses when I saw this photo. Thinking of how God told him that he wouldn’t be able to enter the Promise land, but at least let him get a glimpse of it.

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  2. I remember my visit to Mt Nebo in Nov 2019 and the view Moses must have got in those days of the Promised Land “with staff in the hand”. It’s a nice poem . Very evocative. The metophor of ‘ hope is a staff…. ‘ is superb.

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