New Wealth – A Haiku

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Health is the new wealth;

Take care of your one asset,

A healthy balance.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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17 thoughts on “New Wealth – A Haiku

  1. I feel so spoken too
    Thinking I had it altogether and now I have to start at the very beginning again to gather my wealth.
    God have mercy, I pray for my obedience , that I may obey the whispers of your voice. Keep me safe, restore me once more.

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  2. I agree completely… my gramps used to say something similar too, and he lived a very long and healthy life. Beautifully phrased and presented, Suzette. 🍎🍏💙

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    1. Thank you Lia. Yes, the tested wisdom of parents, grandparents and their parents stays new forever…a part of their legacy. Many blessings on your day. Peace and good fortune to you.🌺😊👩👍🤣🧁🧒🎁

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