Reality – A Philosophical Poem

Image by Jakub Luksch from Pixabay

What an invisible fortress; the windmills of reality?

If, in each mind, reality drafts its own architect,

Experiences, core values, personal constructs:

What then is the common thread pulling “reality.”

Is the cup of life the same for one and all? Not really.

If each person is unique; Are there billions of realities?

If not, what then is reality’s common ground, its ally

An ally which testifies, “Reality buds from a single vine.”

Perhaps, Time is that ally; chanting daily the same lines:

Do not all drink from the same pail at time’s water clock?

Is the same twenty four hours poured in each rucksack?’

Then, perhaps, reality’s common adhesive is Time’s shellac.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

16 thoughts on “Reality – A Philosophical Poem

  1. Suzette, I’m curious – why did you choose “shellac” – was the sound of the word or some particular connotation that it has?

    Lovely as always, and I’ve already told you that I love your philosophical works πŸ™‚


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    1. Good question. As usual word selections rarely have one purpose in poetry. I chose shellac for its almost ubiquitous use in daily life (i.e in manfactured goods). And yes, for its sound, meter and rhyme in that line πŸ™ Thank you for asking.

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  2. WordPress has blocked my liking function forever with no reason given so I will appreciate your work by commenting from time to time. ❣

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  3. Time set in a fragrance bottle, i love the photograph. Poignant because it reminds me in this wide expanse of time there is fragrance, aroma, balm and spice to life.
    It reminds me also that there are moments and lengths of time that my reality lived at tge same time as another isn’t always kind and gracious aa another reality lived at the same time.
    I’m not sure how to answer the complexed questions, i don’t have the agility to dive into the depth of their complexities and wait on others as i keep my feet amongst the shattered shells in the shallow waters.
    The well at times water clock is also an interesting construct since i can see so many gathering around the jewel carrying their own realities, the windmills of their minds in their hearts.

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    1. Oh wow. Your comment, a lovely poem in metaphors and poignant thought. Love the truth and imagery of “shattered shells in shallow water” What a sublime response! As ever, your thoughtful and deep thiughts, a sincere pleasure to read. Thank you. Stay strong in His might. Peace.


      1. Wishing you a blessed Friday, full or rest. Sorry about all the the typos, at this point they are a reality, so unhindered I must carry on. Thank you also for your kind response.

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