‘Twas Night – A Poem

‘Twas night where the once mighty river flowed,

Now, halogen horse-powered lights in LED halos

Swim, where paleolithic currents once hid their abode.

Out of the metamorphosis of a river chrysalis; a city emerged

A city like many others, where,

In the cauldron of a river of dreams, a metropolis forged.


Heading uphill from the ancient river bed (now a busy city street, built over one hundred years ago). Taken on my way through town last evening, December 3, 2020

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

26 thoughts on “‘Twas Night – A Poem

  1. Oh i love that line…… ‘in a river of dreams’…..it reminds me of a song….let me think…fantastic photography accompany the history of rivers and the rise of the metropolis….defined in not too many but embellished with deep textures of mythical words and historical language

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      1. Oh yes, and you know how to sharpen your tools. Yes so one should refer to him as a south-african -British. But historians do with these facts as they please, forgetting that where a soul is born is of great importance to its onward journey.

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