Star Gazing – A Poem

Image from freephotos on Pixabay

Gazing into the blue desert; the sky; a mandala in moonlight

Where stars sparkle like sand on galactic carpet.

Orbiting caravan doppelgangers twinkle in the waning light,

An oasis chasing infinity at twilight.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

30 thoughts on “Star Gazing – A Poem

  1. (Where stars sparkle like sand on galactic carpet.)
    Mesmerizing, this my dear is heavenly, a galactic carpet….blows my mind…..where did you find the words to tell exactly like it is. What an exquisite carpet, who shall weave it…..and then it just crescendos in more beautiful imagery of the dark sky. What a night of star-gazing.

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      1. It is, and still i felt fragile to highlight because of meaning behind it. I chose not to linger there. Admittedly doppelganger did sit well with me …maybe chosen another word, only the poet knows… you explain your feelings of ingenious

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      2. Fascinating discussion on this line my friends. The “poet” used the word “Doppelganger” in its original meaning. The original meaning in the German is “double” “walker” So as we walk on earth the stars in their orbit walk along with us in “caravan” fashion. Cheers πŸ’–

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      3. Ok, I see. I wasn’t sure because it can be ambiguous as the word also has a negative connotation. Thanks for putting the word into perspective, sometimes one needs to ask.

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