Equator – A Poem

Equator Line Monument, Macapa, Brazil – Image By Jorge Andrade Uploaded by Kobac, CC BY 2.0,

The Equator pens with its protractor – the earth’s axis,

Dinner invitations to the hemispheres and poles.

North and South; those equidistant cousins,

Chilly polar opposites, keep the frozen truce.

Thus, on Artic winds, inscribe their icy regrets,

As they glacial their palace for the Winter solstice.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

12 thoughts on “Equator – A Poem

  1. Impressive tools to mark what feels like what once was happy, ends on a sombre not.
    Stoic, penned with precision, unwavering closing lines.
    How did you put down your pen and pushed back the chair.

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    1. Awesome observation. Joy comes in warmth bundled up in the cold. The equator juxtaposes the north and south poles. And, true, the chair pushes back on one poem and rolls its wheels to the table of another😊❤


  2. Beautiful my friend. Suzette you have an excellent ability to use the English language and you can certainly write a great poem. “Thus, on Arctic winds, inscribe their icy regrets,” I love this line. Stay well and blessed my friend. Love you Joni

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