Ashes In The Wind – A Poem

Image by Jill Welligton on Pixabay

Warmth lingers long after

Its embers depart the fire

For, it yearns to be fire again.

Searching ashes in the wind

For its remaining kin

To come home and be fire again.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

28 thoughts on “Ashes In The Wind – A Poem

  1. Such is life, a mixture of sweet and sad, losing the familiar warmth from a glowing fire, so it’s perfectly in order gazing into the fading ember to desire restoration, getting back the glow and feelings of well-being, having back that which is familiar, it’s in order, as life goes on, ashes in the wind.

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    1. Yes and Yes! Your beautiful reflections on the poem poignant and powerful. Life’s fleeting flames glows – ebbing and flowing. Some light we capture its warmth . And, some fade away. I wish for you great peace in an abundance of ease, this day. Cheers 😊

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