Tomes in Topaz – A Poem

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

As is her custom, as the northern lights dim their calendar,

Athena raises her creative ardor; her gilded shield, to Olympia.

Adjusting her breastplate, her breath, like smoke from a censer

Petitions clouds to rain gems, filling the writer’s purse and larder.

Divinely inspired, authors coin sapphire and turquoise phrases,

Scribing keyboard tomes in topaz,

Anthologies in lavender characters,

Displayed in mixed metaphor vases;

Dipping the muse’s pen, often and with care,

In lapis lazuli syllables and inkwells of jasper.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

15 thoughts on “Tomes in Topaz – A Poem

    1. Nicely said. I like your reading of the poem — a divine library of words, gems in incense, scenting the reader’s world ceremoniously👍. Have a splendid day in peace and comfort. Blessings.🌸


      1. Yeah thanks, there are so many ways to translate your richly woven and intertwined metaphors into a number of ways, the picture of a library with a vast and collection of any materials for study and enjoyment is but one of them. A writer at his/her study is another one of them or the gems to gather in the art of writing. A poem abounding in exquisite gems for creative writing.
        If I should touch the tip of the splendid robe of peace today, I would burst out crying with Blessings.

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