“A Book…”

“A book has but one voice, but it does not instruct everyone alike.”

Thomas à Kempis

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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    1. Amen. Every voice it’s own speech. Every reader her, his own experience to bring to those pages as they read. Blessings to you and may you enjoy fountains of peace that lies within.❤


      1. Thank, I so appreciate your guidance and impressions about my thoughts. It’s agony but I’m traversing the inner terrain of my entire being to find that fountain of peace. It will be such a relief. Communicating is exhausting these days, my last energies are sapped to stay calm.

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  1. I love knowledge and am continuously thirsty for it, the more I drink it the more I want it. But there is a downside, I take sips rather gulps meaning I have never been a speed reader. No matter how hard I try to read faster and faster I simply cannot go beyond normal speech rate. It’s frustrating as I would love to read everything there is on my craft.

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    1. I can totally relate to the pace of reading going no faster than speech. Perhaps, all books cannot be read at the same pace. A novel can be consumed at one rate. However, instructional works on art and craft can only be properly enjoyed at a slower, learn as one goes pace. My two cents Salko.

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      1. I guess you’re right. I’m not a novelist, I’m strictly an educationalist if such a word exists. I’m fascinated with the craft and want to learn everything there is to know about it and hopefully bring it into a world that finds it to difficult to comprehend the fascination I have with it. Some may call it an obsession but that’s far from it. It’s about creating something that is pleasing to the eye and touch. It’s about bring joy to someone’s life which ultimately comes back to you. It’s that but much much more than I can describe here. It’s about what the majority of the world will never understand.

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      2. You are sharing a wonderful dedication to rare and specialist craft. Your enthusiasm and knowledge leap off the pages of your posts with your descriptive words and illustrations. That kind of skill, care and enthusiasm can’t help but come back to you in beautiful blessings. I pray that you find the books and methods to extend your expertise, technique and skill… but I can see from your posts, those I have read.. that you know quite a lot on working with wood by hand. Blessings on your day. 😊

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