Words Of Encouragement II – A Poem

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[Words of Encouragement I – Link Here]

Fellow bloggers:

You write, snap photographs, paint, share your research,

All the while, holding fast clarity’s pen, camera or brush,

On syllabic tableaus, portrait poses and prose frescos,

Publishing in the quagmire sandstorms of today’s malaise.

As the world reverberates in the Gethsemane of its crucible camouflage,

Your words, a light sabre of truth; your name etched by your labor into its handle

Expose the harbingers of the unseen by lifting the veil at every angle,

With only scarce, thin regard for your life, your health or fortune’s fleeting sparkle.

For all of this, I salute you!

Let the next generations hear and know

That you/we, by our labor have acted like the defense of Thermopylae by the Spartans;

Where future passersby surfing the double helix of the internet’s catamaran,

Shall read odes to your works as floating captions on their screens.

They shall be a signpost on the road of the internet highway,

Recounting to passersby that, like the Spartans who left a note

Of their heroic selfless efforts;

That you lifted your calling on the flag of your standard,

And, that you acted in honor in the manner expected

As the warrior that you are, of the published page, defending against the invisible siege,

So that future readers of and visitors to, your legacy – your words they inspire,

To live in a better hope – than the one we now cautiously endure.

Moreover, generations in the future, may enjoy the simplest right; to come in and go out in freedom, as they please,

Because you kept honing your craft and stayed the course, for their sakes;

With little regard for your own ease.


Blessings to you, my friend💖


Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

35 thoughts on “Words Of Encouragement II – A Poem

  1. (Your words, a light sabre of truth; your name etched by your labor into its handle –)

    What a jewel and beautiful present.
    A precious gift to leave behind for future generations to engrave their truth.

    I’m humbled in true friendship by your exquisite pen, the expressed desire and longings, your yearnings, and best wishes for the endeavours of each of your quill- friends.

    Wonderful, bright and beautiful.
    Thank you.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the words of encouragement. It is indeed a pleasure to appreciate the toil of my fellow “quill- friends”. “Quill friends” – what a beautifully coined phrase! Thank you! Blessings🙏


      1. Your tribute to your quill-friends (Yes I was pretty chuffed myself when the coin dropped, for a moment my mind was running on the spot, too chuffed) brought me sweet joy. I cried, so beautiful. Blessings Suzette, God bless you.

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      2. In more ways than one : Creative wealth, i would love to shine and sparkle in those jewels. And yes I wish to ask in more ways than one. God knows my hearts desire. And its fine when God sits with my hearts desires. Providence is in his hands. Thank you Suzette. Have a blessed Friday.

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