Uh Oh – A Poem

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Uh oh

The weather outside is zero

Feels like snow, you know.

Uh Oh, gotta go

Fit a set of snowplows as tires

On the charioteer, 2005 LeSabre

And, a stir stick for her windshield –

To wisk away frost, ice and snow

Like trademark Frappuccinos

Ordered at drive-thru windows.

Uh oh gotta go

Shopping for boots and coat,

To skip on the ice sure-footed

As a mountain goat.

Uh oh,

Here comes “a few miles of snow”

North and Northwest means snow, you know.

Uh oh,

Holy paragraphs dub-you pea, here comes the snow.

Are we ready Block heater/editor – Oh heavens no.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

39 thoughts on “Uh Oh – A Poem

  1. This sounds and feel lyrical
    And romantic to me
    You should find the right notes
    Pick and strum a song
    The genre….I’m leaving it all up to you
    You decide what you gonna do
    Goat….greatest of all time
    Heavenly, a love so sweet.
    That’s how it feels.
    Oh and sort out the Heavens no.

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    1. A song! How marvelous an idea. The poem was a musical smile to the joy of nature’s power to surprise. You nailed the point of its musical muse. Glad you enjoyed it. I am musically enthusiastic but in no way skilled. I would be a poor “strummer” of any musical note…lol🤣👍


  2. Very cleaver my friend, a bit of humor is good for us on Saturday and also so much truth, the seasons are coming and going with a bit of irregularities so we have to get ready. Great poem my friend and I love the chuckle I got thinking about how right you are. Have a blessed day today and a great Sabbath my friend. Love ya Joni

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    1. Thank you Joni, glad you enjoyed my ode
      — surprised by Winter. I am warmed to hear that you chuckled. I am glad that the sentiments came across in whimsy. Thank you for the blessing. And may you be blessed also. Peace💖🌸☕

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    1. Salut Dunelinette, Je suis ravie que vous ayez apprécié le spectacle de la neige. J’aime la neige. Oui, il y a des défis pour voyager. Mais j’aime cette couverture blanche sur tout. Passe une bonne journée. Paix

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