Expectant Doors – A Poem

Image by 3157171 from Pixabay

Expectant doors in cornice trim

Miter hope in architrave frames.

Persistent will, opens and close

To Janus’ porchlight porticoes

Drafting a sanctum in the heart

Built to order on Elysium’s lot.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

13 thoughts on “Expectant Doors – A Poem

  1. Cornice trimmed, I just learned a new technical term in architecture language and I’m still trying to locate it in the picture. I can’t see the doors, what I imagine to see is a ceiling, and a beautifully luxurious patterned one at that.
    Ash, reading on once a the joint and the frame, expensively expressed in poetry..
    And now it becomes interesting, doors of beginnings, they are gates representing transitions, time and duality, there are doorways, passages, frames, and endings there for the reader to pause and relate, to decide which path to take.

    Of a porch even when not in sight nor available is just in my nature to recreate everyday in a makeshift way, finding a corner to muse and meditate on my day. Yes we or I need those sacred and holy place throughout the day to travel through my world touch on heavenly places and to get a glimpse of people and places I’ve never seen, indulge myself and savour the good in their lives, pray for the deprived.
    The departed lives on, alive and well in my heart.

    Poetry that covers the long Tom pass, it is no mean feat to cover that marathon. A noteworthy achievement.

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    1. I am glad you found richness in the classical musing of inner doors…our personal spaces of sanctuary however they manifest. In the photo, I was hoping for the ornate to lend the ring of a classic feel to the reading of the poem. And, as always to each reader their own interpretation is the right one. Thank you my friend for you kindness to read and share your energy in so fine a comment. Peace and blessings to you😊❤

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      1. You are most welcome. Peace is with me, thank you. I indeed felt the classical ring to the poetry. It is so wonderful to enter these halls that are decorated with so much thought and class.

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