“… A Better Paradise”

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“Don’t search for a better paradise than a peaceful home in a world in chaos!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

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21 thoughts on ““… A Better Paradise”

  1. Hi!

    Comme cette citation résonne dans nôtre monde actuel !

    Oui, tant que nous avons nos proches en bonne santé, soyons positifs.
    Merci pour cette citation pleine de sagesse.:)


  2. Mehmet, (I know exactly how to pronounce your name and it’s really a nice feeling) isn’t that exactly what suppose to make the world go round? Yet the world keeps on spinning with so many unhappy homes.

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      1. I’m going home, I’m coming home….people always say it song that. People love the feeling of home with the safety and security it brings. It’s just so tough for many roaming the earth without a home or proper home.
        I trust you are having a joyous Saturday. Keep safe, Keep warm …..Peace. 🌞

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