How marvelous – A Poem

Image by Franz W. from Pixabay

It is tricky to predict a storm

Yet, birds and fowl, us inform.

Even before the clouds warn,

They hunker, feathers tight

When not a drop is in sight.

Hours later, when all is quiet

Jupiter’s thunder stirs the night,

Til heaven baristas the firmament.

Yet, spin-drying their feathers

Like twirling dervish dancers,

Birds and fowl, preen in the deluge;

Their confidence, an innate refuge

Water-proofed with the resin of foresight.

How marvelous is that.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

24 thoughts on “How marvelous – A Poem

    1. Aww…you are so kind; and yes deluge is a lovely word it “flows” So glad you enjoyed the “ornate spin” on the familiar – I like the way you said that.😊 Have a beautiful day resting in His care. Cheers


    1. Ah thank you so kindly Lia. I appreciate your deep insights. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Brightness endures the storm and sticks to peace like glue. Have a lovely day. Peace 😊


  1. Indeed a lovely drench. Maybe mankind learned to shower and preen themselves from these feathered ones….that was a delightful line.

    You are welcome poet.

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  2. I remember canoeing on a lake, late in the evening in the wilderness. No one around but the frogs and birds were raucous in sound. suddenly in an instant they were eerily silent. A time and time again went by and on the horizon I saw it. A flash. a long silence later…thunder. Then it came fast and I barely got off the lake before the high winds hit.

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  3. What a lovely poem….and so true as well. Most birds and animals have a far developed sixth sense which helps them get an inkling of danger. Had read somewhere that finding a dead bird is rare because they know when it is time for them to die and hence go away somewhere quietly. Not sure if this is true but if it is then it can only mean that their sixth sense gives them an idea of is going to happen. So amazing.
    Loved your write. 😊👏👏👏

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  4. Hi!
    J’aime la force des mots utilisés dans ce poème : c’est clair et précis.
    Ils évoquent à l’esprit la puissance majestueuse de la nature, son miracle et la façon merveilleuse et incroyable qu’ont les plus petites créatures peuvent percevoir un phénomène naturel !
    Comme le dit si un écologiste de mon pays : ” L’émerveillement est le premier pas vers le respect.”
    Ton poème donne un message subtil :” Vivons en harmonie avec la nature.”
    Bravo !:)

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    1. Merci pour vos paroles profondes et votre respect de la nature. La nature fait partie de notre patrimoine et de notre héritage … un effort précieux à défendre. Beaucoup de bénédictions à vous aujourd’hui. Paix🙏

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