Patterned Socks – A Poem

Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

Fall colored leaves, stars on the tundra’s curb:

If branches were sages; leaves their proverbs;

Leaflets oracles proclaiming their ring lineage

Etched in the waters of their striated foliage.

Perhaps, fall leaves are nature’s patterned socks,

A kindness nature weaves from the season’s fabric,

Grounding our affections in warm quilted garbs

As trees elevate perennial raiment to the superb.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

8 thoughts on “Patterned Socks – A Poem

  1. (Perhaps, fall leaves are nature’s patterned socks,)

    Surely, oh yes indeed, what person , who?
    whoever whispered the crafty detailed designs of fall? –
    Bare trees on the tundra curb
    Intricate bright and colourful fallen leaves
    Conjures and brings to mind quilts
    Wooly patterns for cold feet when winter calls-
    Knows the skills of an Autumn fall.

    Creation weaves from richly textured biome threads

    Affectionate and warmly felt poetry.

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    1. So very well said. Your words beautiful jewels an lovely poem in its own right. I love the very unique and powerful words you penned, “Creation weaves from richly textured biome threads”- brilliant. I am very happy you enjoyed the poem’s intended warmth. Blessings to you every day, in the Spring of your week. Cheers. 🌸🌸🐦🙏🍂

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      1. I am enthralled by the poets attention to detail on such a basic need as socks and quilts. Thank you for highlighting, it’s a great encouragement. Stay warm❤

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