The Watery Veil – A Poem

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Carried on primordial oars

From where all living arose,

The ocean; terra’s watery veil,

Protecting all life in each swell.

Was first witness in the beginning,

As all creatures became the living

On that day, Oceans tide itself a tether,

Agreeing to move inland no further,

Becoming forever, the earth’s mirror,

Its watery veil and parabolic protector.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

21 thoughts on “The Watery Veil – A Poem

  1. (Carried on primordial oars)

    Powerful, these hands were first there to stir the primordial soup.

    For the greatest timeless and poet of all time, creator of all things, only he has the reasons why he has endowed you with such richly textured metaphors and out of this world figures of speech and figurative language. It truly is fascinating to wonder about the process and to see how you ornate philosophy and spirituality so beautifully.

    We are blessed to have you in our midst.

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    1. Oh my, dear friend you are right, Creator is the giver of gifts. And knows how words touch our being. Thank you for your kind words …very humbling indeed. May you enjoy great peace always. Blessings ❤❤

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  2. Hi!

    L’océan, protecteur de toute vie sur Terre !
    Quelle belle idée !
    L’eau, source de vie dans sa générosité !
    Gardien de nos modes de vie mais qui peut , à tout moment, nous la retirer!
    J’aime cette pensée qui nous dit : ” N’oubliez pas la puissance de la nature!”.

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