The Mattress – A Poem

Image by Taras Shevchenko from Pixabay

In the middle of the day; a mattress appears on the highway.

Stunned drivers slow down to peer at the upholstered delay,

The local radio station alerts travelers that lane to stay away,

Traffic comes to a crawl briefly until the item is cleared away.

The following day, the radio station airs its regular call-in show

At which time, the station is flooded with queries about, “the mattress”

Here lies the gist of those inquiries from the radio audience:

Was it a queen or a king size mattress,

What was the sleep number of the mattress,

Has anyone claimed the item;

How much do they want for it,

Did it already have fresh linen on it,

Was there a box spring there next to it.

Apparently the news item went viral on social media to boot

How precious the fruit of life’s unexpected garden of distractions.

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20 thoughts on “The Mattress – A Poem

  1. This poem reminds me of something wonderful that happened on a beautiful day in September. Out of the blue a delivery truck rolled up with a hug painting, framed and all, which the driver handed over to us.

    (How much do they want for it,)

    It was a fair exchange for a vintage amoire offered the previous week.

    Sweet story

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    1. What a beautiful exchange. I love those gifts that come out of the blue. They warm the heart with their unexpectedness. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of your history. It was a blessing to read. Have a great day. And thank you!❤😊


      1. Thank you Suzette, a very recent history. Yes they do, I felt like I was in a fairytale. I guess most fairytales are steeped in backgrounds like these.

        The mattress story is hilarious, cute as well.
        Enjoy your weekend.❤

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  2. Hi!

    Joli poème qui met en lumière l’importance des médias sociaux et la proportion énorme que peut prendre un insignifiant fait divers dans nôtre société actuelle.
    Le mystère autour du matelas reflète bien les mœurs de nôtre société contemporaine.
    Bravo !:)

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    1. Merci, je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié l’histoire de “l’événement en cours”. Oui, les choses mineures semblent avoir fait les gros titres dans le monde à l’heure actuelle. Puissions-nous trouver la sagesse pour être inébranlable dans notre résolution de vivre dans la lumière. Bénédictions à vous.

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