Essence – A Poem

Sproat Lake, British Columbia – Image by marneejill on

Summer’s essence leaves its notes to Fall’s subtle perfume,

Steaming pots of spikenard scent the autumn new moon.

Swirling, cooled northerly winds; nature’s street sweeper

Loofah the tundra with vigor, scraping summer’s aroma;

Exchanging it for horned baskets in scented stomata,

For pumpkin spiced lattes, hot apple cider or, a cuppa.

And, roaming the sidewalks of summer’s last nightfall,

The Northwind as town crier, his sonorous voice and bell

Proclaims, “hear ye, hear ye, welcome all to Fall!!”

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

27 thoughts on “Essence – A Poem

  1. (Loofah the tundra with vigor, scraping summer’s aroma;)

    All the goodies you need for fall and winter, the perfect lava…

    And yes all the lovely delights so beautifully that follows.

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    1. Yes, fall has lots of goodies and finding reasons to enjoy them are never far from the mind…I think. Enjoy the day in your beautiful Spring there. Blessings πŸ’•πŸŒ±πŸ¦‹πŸŒΈ


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