Knowledge of Self – A Poem

Andromeda, also called lily-of-the-valley shrub – Image by Jan Haerer from Pixabay

What if seasonal beginnings where winged metaphors,

Like the pink lady is to a kaleidoscope of butterflies,

Hovering in the pupae metamorphosis of chrysalis,

Where knowledge of self, like emerging Monarchs

Take crowned flight from one season to another.

Or, like the Andromeda plant, its coat of many colors

From stem to branch paint gardens in each season,

The gardener raking their prized blooms in Autumn.

So too mindfullnes emerges from thicket bramble –

From where self regeneration, the balm of the soul

Slumbers in Summer and stirs, awaken, in Autumn,

To fly on majestic new wings to a familiar home,

Where lily of the valley blossom.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

24 thoughts on “Knowledge of Self – A Poem

  1. Hi!
    C’est magnifique !

    Les pensées naissent comme les fleurs: d’un petit détail, elles bourgeonnent et donnent vie à de jolies ramifications dans le monde.



    1. Salut Dunelinette, tellement contente que tu aies apprécié les mystères des couleurs. Désolé pour le retard dans la réponse à votre commentaire. Bénédictions pour votre journée. Fais attention.🙏😊💖

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