Preserves – A Poem

Image by Doreen Corbey from Pixabay

Spirited pectin

Gels the action:

Pickle preserves,

Oeur d’oeuvres,

Chows and Confit

Spreads and jelly.

Pitted fruit meet

The stone remover.

Pickling spice,

Sultry allspice.

Drooling lids,

Funnel bibs,

Pattern paper,

Park apples

In ornate jars

Like antique cars

Wave checkered flags.

Guarded temperatures

Enshrine winter cellars

In sweet homemade jars.


– Inspired by a news report in the metropolitan city where I live, that currently, there is an unprecedented shortage of household canning and preserving supplies (jars, lids, pectin etc.)

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34 thoughts on “Preserves – A Poem

  1. Great Poem Suzette. We just finish canning apples (a 1 quart jar is instant pie filling or a pan of apple crisp oven ready). The birds ate the plums. We have a tiny country store that had a bunch of last years canning lids at last years prices.

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    1. Thank you. I love preserving cherries. It is an enjoyable tradition and useful too. Preserves and the activity of it, seem to be back in fashion now…so I am glad of that. Sorry about the plums. I am sure the birds had a veritable feast. Blessings.😊

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