September Longings – A Poem

Kingfisher – Image by DerWeg from Pixabay

September longings jump thought courses,

Like equestrian trails to Andalusian horses.

Enticed by cool air, dreams unsheathe plows,

To seed sacrifices sown with sweated brows.

Autumn grazes in expectant hills of harvest,

Their first fruits, worldly sanctuaries at best.

But, like the true hover of the kingfisher;

Only one sanctuary lasts forever.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

27 thoughts on “September Longings – A Poem

  1. When i’m fishing our lake nearby, I watch the kingfishers dive from 20 feet above the water straight down under the water.. Quite a wonder how they do that and actually fly out of the water with a small fish. Then they sit on a tree branch and quite loudly sas the rest of the world around them.

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