Cream puffs – A Poem

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Ruminating dulcet dreams of cream puffs, choux

Pillow dainties of pastry prophets top the menu.

Swirling concoctions ebbing at their soft center,

Like summer waves caress sand on the seashore.

Into their hallowed labyrinth center patissiers

Pipe, angelic fillings dreamy unbridled mysteries

Topping their just desserts in liberty’s ganache,

Dissolving sticky situations with edible panache.

On the edge of ashes, seasonal thoughts quiver,

Plucked from their sparks, crisp morsels to savor,

In fancy orbs on a tree dripping with phoenix elixir.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

33 thoughts on “Cream puffs – A Poem

  1. Gosh you have an appetite for the delicacies in life. Have a sweet week out with your cream puffs, choux Pillow dainties. ☺. In my country we call them eclairs.
    Our choux pastry dainties we prepare mostly in the elongated doughnut shape or in the round puffs, the ones you like..
    Choux pastry (pronounced β€˜shoo’) really just takes four ingredients and a bit of technique to master. Once you have the basics, you can create an array of different styles, from delicate, crisp cream puffs filled with custard and strawberries to fried doughnut types called beignets, and the cheesy French gougΓ¨res. That’s how we do down South, a Sunday afternoon delightful delicacy served as dessert. I haven’t seen the choux swan around for a while, also a favourite eclair of days gone by.

    Licking your lips take care of the sugar rush.
    I love the recipe of the day.

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