Cheesy – A Poem

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Give me not, wee squares of Gruyere delicacies

Punctuating party charcuterie boards, plucked

Upon with tooth picks bow-tied with lace doilies.

But, hefty handfuls of creamy cured cheesy curds,

High on the list of things, of which one never tires.

Mac and cheese, those twins of the culinary empire

Their Romulus-like elbows hold truckles of cheese:

Poured over, slathered on, heated up and mixed in

And those are “ingredients” for the less “saucy” bits;

The rest, dear reader, please grate with imagination.

Fondue you know that you go oozing, stirring things

In a communal pot; yet the favorite delicacy of kings.

Monteray, Colby, Muenster, Gorgonzola and Gouda

Names wedged in culture, cheese do regions proud:

One crowned matriarchal cheese royalty, Brie

Another’s its Swiss name – a nation’s identity.

Cheese; artisanal artistry, ripening milk’s fruit,

Adding cheddar’s color to passion’s inner fruit.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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36 thoughts on “Cheesy – A Poem

  1. Suzette, Very beautifully woven!
    And makes me wish I liked Mac n cheese. I have no idea how I don’t with your beautiful visuals. I love all of these cheeses you mentioned. I should meet you and or your mama and have you cook it for me-:). If you do have a favorite recipe, please send!

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    1. Oh Cindy your comments are beautiful. I loved your offer to cook for you. I guess all writers, creatives, poets are preparing “a feast” every time we share our work. I enjoy your posts in beautiful daily helpings. Many blessings. And, my favorite recipe is Mac and Cheese done from scratch (not the pasta) the sauce component. Thank you for your beautiful words. Peace.😊

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      1. You are so welcome Suzette! Yes, I think we get so busy we forget to feed ourselves as writers often. It certainly is a feast that feeds my senses and soul. I appreciate your kind thoughts so much. Thank you. Send me your recipe sometime if you get time… It sounds soooo yummy! Bless you so much as well. xo

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  2. Yummy, tasty, mouth- watering and very cheesy.and I do so enjoy those delicacies upon dollies especially if I’m not preparing them, tooth- picked with olives too enjoyable. You know your cheese, these days i mainly eat Gouda.

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