Abundance of rain – A Poem

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

Drip, from above, O heavens, thy distilled refrain –

The sound of the abundance of rain:

An inner satiety that fills without food,

Birthed from a ray of hope; a single word,

A tattoo reminder on adversity’s parchment,

A single word traversing ordeal’s escarpment,

That, be the sound of the abundance of rain:

Where seasons of life are wisdom’s keeper,

Where vision once a cloud veil, now clearer,

Where total strangers pay you compliments;

Having heard of your courageous sentiments,

Where your children bear children; a river

Of posterity overflowing the heart’s quiver,

Where you and a job plan to go separate ways,

Instead you receive your own keys and a raise.

The sound of the abundance of rain in your life

Originating beyond and above the earth’s roof

The kind of rain that requires no chapeaus,

Pouring into to the heart, emerald rainbows

Set in thunder clouds of joy that reign

Over the sound of the abundance of rain.

So drip, O heavens, thy distilled refrain.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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39 thoughts on “Abundance of rain – A Poem

  1. This is glorious and profoundly excellent. One of my favorites of yours, perhaps because I am so inspired by rain, though it is scarce where I live. This was just — soulfully beautiful, Suzette. Thank you.

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  2. Really beautifully written.

    “Pouring into to the heart, emerald rainbows

    Set in thunder clouds of joy that reign

    Over the sound of the abundance of rain.”

    Such lovely descriptive lines.

    Have a blessed weekend. Love ❤️ to you and yours. Joni

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  3. beautiful will re blog. WordPress has problems I am following you and others then I only see one post I come to your Blog and it said I do not follow you but, I have been. I re click on follow so when you see that remember that is not me not following you but word press mess. Hugs.

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    1. I understand. I am experiencing the same problem for the past month where I follow and Word Press shows I am not following. So, I totally understand the dilemma. Thank you for your support. Many blessings. I love your work, You provide the right word at the right time. Thanks again.💖💖


    1. Amen! Très puissant! Tellement vrai. Je vous remercie pour le temps et les paroles aimables de vos commentaires. Ils sont une vraie joie à lire. Et ça aide à améliorer mon français pour répondre. Je vous remercie.😊

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