Choppers – A Poem

Kerala, India – Photo by Thanuj Mathew on Unsplash

A mixed bike of metaphors: famous choppers,

Motorcycles and two wheelers; their Odin tires

Limbering to a halt at quivering street corners;

Revving decibels rival Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer

Their horsepower trembling walled skyscrapers.

Weaving o’er the world from Togo to Chandigarh,

Taxiing, spiriting sprinting, bobbing passengers

And drivers, via signature arc handle-bar wands –

Punctuating thunder bolts with gloved operands,

Vrooming across terra’s fortified Asgardian lands.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

27 thoughts on “Choppers – A Poem

      1. I have a friend who is heavily into Biking. Has his own company that takes visitors on bike trails through various routes in India. I could relate to him as i was reading your poem. 🙂

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      2. We live in an area where bikes are plenty. I enjoy the sounds and the adventuresome vistas of them travelling by. I get what you mean, totally. Thanks for your always valued comments and kind words. Blessings on your day.

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  1. When I saw the title of your poem come across my email, I thought it was going to be about teeth! It also struck me funny when I read it because loud motorcycles on my street are the bane of my existence. That said, I think the poem captures the cyclist’s perceptive very effectively.

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    1. Oh Liz you made laugh out loud🤣😂 teeth…what a wonderful connection to “choppers”. Yes, I understand the noise issue, there are many, many motorcycles here as well. I totally understand and can relate. Thank you for the chuckles and for your kind support. Cheers. 😊

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  2. Captain America and Billy Bike were the two choppers that were custom made for the movie Easy Rider. Very interesting to read about them in a setting of days gone by.
    Choppers are commonly referred to as what is known as helicopters in my country. The original Harley Davidson name still sticks and associated with a free soul and belonging to the anti -establishment movement…ya gotta dig it man…….

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    1. You nailed it as usual with the historical connections to the word and sentiment. And, yes we refer to all kinds of things as “choppers” I was writing hoping for the bouquet of ambiguity the word would offer the reader, so that each reader would make their own choices on what to take away from the poem, if anything. Loved your expressions “ya gotta dig it man” very cool!!.. I love it. Cheers. 💖


      1. And you were successful. All of us were going through a variety of emotions and experiences in this area.. But the chopper eventually got further around by the sheer mechanical skills and know how, slowly establishing itself as a romantic but most of an economic vehicle, and so the story begins. That expression comes from the movie ‘easy rider’ ….have a great day❤

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    1. Merci pour vos aimables applaudissements en paroles! Je suis touché par votre véritable enthousiasme pour ces petits morceaux de vie partagés en quelques lignes … que nous appelons la poésie. J’apprécie profondément vos paroles. Bénédictions.

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