Streetcar Trolley – A Poem

Image by Dave Noonan from Pixabay

Streetcars sing in heavy metaled lyrics, “next stop”

Trolley, trams belch, tooting their metal giddy-up,

Rolling Boston to San Francisco; Philly to Toronto

Nowadays, some tracks still on strident hooves go;

Six hundred volt horses on top, the carriage below.

Inside; standing riders clasp iron floor branches or,

Poised like Purple Gallinules birds walking on water,

Sway like Kansas wheat undulating in the fall breeze,

Stalks and beards bending yet affixed to their leaves,

Amid the bouncing, braking siren calls for “next stop.”

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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36 thoughts on “Streetcar Trolley – A Poem

  1. WOW! My city in India is the only one in India which still has these tram cars running. They are part of my childhood nostalgia, when time was a faithful companion; always sticking by me. Unfortunately cannot ride them anymore due to various reasons. Loved the way you have expressed the ride in the tramcar. 🙂

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  2. Love the all the names given them, – tramcars, streetcars, trolleys or trolley cars – some of the first tram networks were in appeared in the United States (New York in 1832, New Orleans in 1835), France (1839), Chile (Santiago, 1858), Egypt (Alexandria, 1850), Australia (Sydney, 1860) and Indonesia (Jakarta, 1869). A truly wonderful and romantic time in rail road history, I have fond memories too of riding them as a young adult.
    Opened on 2 February 1891, the network was operated initially by South Africa. From 14 February 1906, it was converted to electrical power. .Beginning on 26 August 1936, the trams were gradually supplemented by the Johannesburg trolleybus system, which was opened on that day.
    The tramway network lasted for several more decades, until its closure on 2 August 1961, so I never got the chance to ride on one when I was a child. A preserved double-decker tram at James Hall Transport Museum, in Johannesburg.

    Love the localised tram poetry rolling through your story.

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    1. Thank you! so much for adding a beautiful historical journey of the trolley/tram/streetcar. I thoroughly enjoyed your great research and beautifully penned comment. I am deeply moved by your interest and words on this topic. Blessings to you. And, thank you!


    1. Very well said! Yes city life and rural have unique memoirs. It is all a matter of preference or circumstances that drive urban or rural living. Thank you for your discerning comment. Bless ings to you@😊


  3. The “next stop” reminded me of when I used to ride the bus. I remember hearing (?) or seeing the “Stop Requested” every time I got ready to get off. Beautiful poem as always! I really admire your creativity and how you bring to life all types of topics like DNA and the Streetcar Trolley. Always enjoy the rhyme and the imagery, too.

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