Love’s Butter – A Poem

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Ah! Breakfast – homemade bread, butter melting,

Steamy oven door – a fly peeks in napkin wearing

Attracted by the pheromones of this warm suitor,

Giddy and dizzy from flour’s undulating aroma,

Steadying itself as it swoons on a pad of butter.

Mounted expedition to save it from the butter,

Allowed the fly to flutter free out the shutters,

To pitter patter, on another’s bread and butter.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

48 thoughts on “Love’s Butter – A Poem

  1. I don’t know when last I’ve baked bread. The feeling hasn’t left me completely and I will get back to the practice of kneading.
    I’m surprised no one swatted the fly.
    Enjoying the aroma here and by another.

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  2. Hi!

    Le beurre et la tartine de pain, ainsi que son café, sont des saveurs qui nous rappellent nôtre enfance !

    Ton poème fleure bon l’enfance, la joie et l’insouciance d’un moment de la journée et l’innocence nostalgique de nôtre âge où les parents s’occupaient de tout.
    Joli et mélancolique poème !:)

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    1. Vous l’avez bien dit! Tellement vrai … les sentiments chaleureux des bons jours de l’enfance. La rapidité avec laquelle les odeurs de la pâtisserie maison les rappellent. Si gentil et charmant vos commentaires. C’est toujours un plaisir de vous entendre, Dunelinette. Ma plus profonde gratitude. Paix🍞😊

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  3. Wonderful imagery; beautifully penned; I can taste the bread and butter; and smell the aromas percolating o’er the breakfast table. Ah, the fly! Love the humour. Have a wonderful Bread and Butter Day (minus the fly).

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