Hand Sanitizer – A Poem

Image by Mr. Satterly from Wikipedia.

Wouldn’t it be lovely when, upon arriving

At the entrance to a local department store,

To there be greeted by puzzled customers,

Unable to enter during its prescribed hours.

As each person crossed the store’s threshold

They were “greeted” by, a fellow customer, who

It appears, just hired himself as store greeter

To ration the store’s touch-less hand sanitizer,

Demanding that each of his fellow customers

Apply sanitizer to his exacting descriptors,

Amid the consternation and embarrassment,

Of the staff and Security of the establishment.

Later on, perhaps from an inspired epiphany

He trotted out many unrequited contritions;

Choice compliments, to his fellow customers,

On the “beauty” of their mask/ face covers.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

25 thoughts on “Hand Sanitizer – A Poem

  1. Omg!!! Such a fun and positive take on a drolly sad situation. You’re the poet maskstress, Lady Suzette. 😎👌😍😉🙏🤩💕

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  2. Hi!

    Félicitations d’ avoir sur mettre en scène et en lumière cet indispensable gel!
    Tu as su trouver et envoyer une image positive de cette crise sanitaire mondiale !

    Merci pour ce joli poème !

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    1. C’est une question sérieuse. Notre époque est difficile. Juste ma tentative de faire une petite part en prenant soin les uns des autres. Beaucoup de gentilles bénédictions à vous. Merci pour votre merveilleux soutien réconfortant. Vous êtes incroyable. Vos commentaires font ma journée.🙏😊

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