Humanity – A Poem

“The Smoke That Thunders” – Victoria Falls – Image by Henning Supertramp from

For whom are the trees, mountain falls and oceans making oxygen:

Creation shaped all of life, but underscores breathing into humanity

The primordial breath of the cosmic genome, extending its progeny.

Humanity is at once gift, giver and given of the terrestrial kingdom.

It is collective gardener tending with expectation, what is to come,

It is watchman whose tower is the heart not made by human hands,

Whose travels fulfill individual paths across the lands. But as one

Is, the exodus of billions, greater in number than heaven’s legions,

It is anointing jars of living clay flourishing from alabaster cisterns,

Robed in the covenant mantle, moving to the rhythm of life’s candle;

Humanity resplendent, on this orbital footrest to eternity’s castle.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

26 thoughts on “Humanity – A Poem

      1. Aw what a lovely and beautiful reply!!! Honestly Suzette you are a true goddess of goodness. Thanks for being the poem of my eye. 🙏💃🏼😇🎶👀😍

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