The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

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Uncovered in a Tasmanian rock quarry,

A fossilized scroll of the sage Tutenant,

Of the ancient ant kingdom of Hillovant.

The following, its transcribed fragment: –

“Remember your wisdom O venerable ant member,

You command great armies without a commander.

Following the community ant steps of one another,

You render impossible treks possible without GPS,

Your chemical marking on forest trail and on walls,

Neon signposts to the colony’s bush-wacked trails.

You forage for food with no shopping bags in hand,

‘Yet I’ve never seen our children begging for bread.’

Specialist members working with heroic fervor,

Raise a fortress without architect or contractor.

Fellow denizens, etch immortal words on this hill

That future passersby may know of this kingdom:

Rehearsing pre-historic tales of its stored wisdom,

Carved in amber in the Queen’s inner sanctum.”-

So ends Tutenant’s fervent ant oratory;

Immortalizing his colony for posterity.

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16 thoughts on “The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

    1. Yes I agree. The workers are the unsung heroes in so many ways. A great point. Thank you ever so much for your diligent comments of deep insight. I appreciate you. Blessing on your day. 😊


      1. Have a blessed day too, Thank You ….my thoughts are really the foresight of the ant kingdom, and that it must’ve taken numerous interrupted and uninterrupted lifestyles to bring it all together and finally to write the scroll.

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