Spiced Chai – A Poem*

© Image by Lilechka75 on istockphoto.com/Getty Images

Oh! to be a plateau of spiced chai and drink tea

In ocean sips, like tributary lakes flow into sea.

Warm sultry pods, the breathed air of elysium,

In the escaping fragility of memories’ lithium.

Arid spiced oasis brewed into watery caravans,

Soothing trade-winds to the isle of langerhans.


*Inspired by Jay Bleu, The Fragrance Writer’s poem, “Absolutio (Navitus)

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

32 thoughts on “Spiced Chai – A Poem*

    1. Hello Dunelinette, excuses pour la réponse tardive. Je voulais répondre plus tôt … mais la journée avait ses propres idées. Je suis tellement content que vous ayez apprécié les visions du thé chai. Vos commentaires ont toujours été magnifiquement soutenus. Je vous en suis reconnaissant. Happy weekend Cheers☕☕💖

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      1. Aw kind words Suzette and same to you. 👯‍♂️💕 Cheers, with visions for a future development of a chai emoji. 😆 ;)) ☕️✨🍵 🥰

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  1. Oh to have the penmanship and the nerve for love and romance poetry is an art
    So appreciative to sit at the table of masters.

    No you spiked my desire of CHAI tea
    And I’m very fussy, it must prepared like proper

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