Candelabra Palaces- A Poem

Droplets of water via high speed photography by Margit Wallner from Pixabay

Morning showers poured from Dawn’s chalices,

Transform rain-clouds into candelabra palaces.

The glistening pendants descend in the dark,

On lawns and gardens, they make their mark.

As quickly as they land, the watery gems escape,

Leaving once dry tundra, a now sparkling landscape.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

15 thoughts on “Candelabra Palaces- A Poem

  1. *You* make the dry tundra a sparkling landscape. I love your poetry Suzette; it’s a healing balm for this musette. 🙏🌦🕯💞

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      1. Perhaps they do, indeed, indeed, and did you know a musette is a kind of French bagpipe, an old-school reed. :)) I love that you say “aquifer” – WOW! that word has got me musetting right there. Blessings to you too, beloved fellow blogger. 🎶😊🙏🌀🔆

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  2. Hi!

    J’ aime l’idée de la vie qui émerge de ce poème où les gouttes d’ eau sont comparées aux pierres précieuses.
    Juste pour nous rappeler combien la vie est fragile, précieuse et un don.

    Have a nice day. Be safe.

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