The Ocean? – A Poem

Image by JW A from Pixabay

What do eyes see,

The sunrise painting the Sea.

Pale blue waves cresting the horizon,

So mesmerizing one can almost hear the tide rising.

Local birds glide in the updraft like seagulls diving.

While an inlet forms in a nearby cloud’s center core,

Tiny waves nipping at the bar’s shore.

The true Ocean is not near here,

Landlocked vistas the regular fare.

Are these enchanted memories dreams make,

Of legendary stories read long ago.

Or, too much caffeine in the morning mistake,

Of a double, turned triple espresso macchiato.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

18 thoughts on “The Ocean? – A Poem

      1. UK or USA? Or elsewhere, or am I prying too much, lol. Either way sending lots of love, your poems and kindness always make my day. A Modest Destiny indeed, for me too, with any luck, if that’s what it means, lol. xoxox ✌️😎👯‍♂️🌷❤️🙏

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  1. Good morning Ms Suzette, enjoying the discourse as I enjoy you and Ms Lia’s poetry so much. Love the poem as well. I have to make do with passing by man made lakes, lol.
    Happy Memorial Day.

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