Smoothies- A stream of Unconscious Poem

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Satisfying ready to drink put any fruit vegetable herb spice blend ’til smooth breakfast brunch-anilla anything with vanilla do it yourself smooshed juice milk water or yogurt in a blender.

Pink lemonade wild rice lemon nutella chiffon pudding meringue pie smoothie with grated lemon poutine gravy flavored almond milk pineapple with a whole raw red onions for crunch.

Cheetos toasted bean sprouts rice crispy treats pickle pineapple jasmine rosemary elderberry because elderberry is a spring flower it being spring now lavender chamomile cinnamon bun smoothie.

– Sultry sensations for the extinguished oh sorry that should read “distinguished,” palate – spell check had a monument there.

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