The elixir of a fresh start – A poem

Image by willoh from Pixabay

Oceans of weariness engulf the trade winds of the mind.

Once happy thoughts, like a lost ship, now difficult to find.

In the teaming despair of a sea of stagnant sameness,

The soul cries out for a new shore.

Yet the feet are stuck in the quicksand of discontent.

Only the elixir of a fresh start offers the force to free those feet.

But, the fear of making a fresh start,

Floats by like driftwood.

Yet, courage speaks from the deep within –

Its steadfast words of strength,

Pale beside the oblivion-like abyss of mediocrity.

Carry that courage in your heart,

Like a candle flame in a precious jar, destined for a windy shore.

Sail to the shore of a new start,

do something new,

anything will do.

It may not have:

society’s camera-ready career label or,

society’s stamp of approval but,

as long as you love what you are about to do,

It is right for you.

For, one never tires of joy –

the soul’s endless waves of contentment with love.

Love that comes from doing what,

only you, your sacred self,

came Here to do,

and to Be.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspiration, sometimes writer, faith

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