“What you’re doing here”

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“Cherish your solitude. Take trains by yourself to places you have never been. Sleep out alone under the stars. Learn how to drive a stick shift. Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back.

Say no when you don’t want to do something. Say yes if your instincts are strong, even if everyone around you disagrees. Decide whether you want to be liked or admired. Decide if fitting in is more important than finding out what you’re doing here.”― Eve Ensler

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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6 thoughts on ““What you’re doing here”

  1. Ms Suzette, this is one of the greatest advise on your blog thus far. Maybe because of the current times in our lives. I wish I was on that train looking out a window right now.

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    1. So glad you found Eve Ensler’s words useful. She has a great way with words of advice. I love train travel myself. But you are right the time is perhaps, not now. Maybe at a later date Lord willing. Happy Monday. Blessings to you.💖🙏

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