APPROXIMATELY 4:00 am this morning

Winter’s hand clasp tightly to its currency-

a mind-numbing minus fifty one degrees Celsius and change today.

Smoke stacks across the city spend their precious fuel,

To warm hearths across the northwest capital’s skyline.

As the city awakes to mother nature’s latest sub-zero transaction;

Huddled in homes across the frozen landscape,

Some are grateful that no expense was spared for that sub-zero coat

now, a prized possession for today’s necessary outdoor bravery,

Others indoors, although warm,

Worry that their heating bill will skyrocket

As the temperature plummets.

Ah – Winter how miraculous,

That you know how to remain steadfast,

until you spend your appointed time at Sub-Zero.


Photo of downtown with the smoke rising from buildings on a small side street

Photo taken with my cell phone – Samsung J3

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

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