What is an inquiring mind to think…

Image by donterase from Pixabay

You arrive for work and another car is parked in your unmarked favorite spot.

You enter the building and the first person you see comments that they were told that you weren’t in today.

Then, another person asks- if you still work there.

You walk to your office; your key no longer works/opens your office door.

After you are let in by Security (to your office) – you check your email to discover that one of the key tasks you perform is now officially assigned to two senior staff.

On your lunch break, when an acquaintance you meet at a nearby store asks you where you work – you answer, without thinking, with the name of a previous employer.

Then you check your personal email to discover that your side hustle job has scheduled you for a big project with hours which conflict with this job.

What is an inquiring mind to think, I wonder? 🙂

Image by Omar González from Pixabay

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12 thoughts on “What is an inquiring mind to think…

  1. Something just happened that upset me and I opened Wp and read this.now I realize it can get worse so I thank god for everything and forgive the person who upset me..thanks Suzette ❤

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