First Sunrise of the year

Photos of sunrise on January 1, 2020, from various locations around the world. As the Sun lifts the veil to the dawn of a new decade–Peace and blessings to you.

Photos in no particular order.

Owens Lake, California

Credit: Dave Weber on

Shanghai, China


Snowdonia, Northwest Wales

Credit: @ewefeltything on Instagram


Credit: inferno747 on


Credit: Matt Nowk on Youtube


Credit: @tallulahray on Instagram

East Lothian, Scotland

Credit: @looking_at_life_through_a_lens on Instagram

Inverness, Scotland

Credit: old fellow1 on

New Zealand

Credit: Mike on

Mount Fuji

Credit: Scott Shaw on flickr

Tokyo-Bay, Japan

Credit: Chika Oka-NO2 wakaichi

Urayasu Chiba, Japan

Credit: Ille de Japon on Youtube

Cheongsapo Daritdol, Busan South Korea

Ulsan, South Korea


Bangkok, Thailand

Credit: nation photo on

Snug, Tasmania

Credit: @terrylefont on Instagram

Gloucester, England


Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion (70 kilometers from Athens, Greece)

Credit: Lelos on

Ackerville, Wisconsin (Canadian National train arriving)

Credit: A Jeff Hampton Photograph on

Curtisville, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Credit: Timothy Valentine on

Silver Harbour, Lake Superior Region, Ontario, Canada

Credit: FrankWTW on

Aberdeen Harbour, UK

Credit: Rab Lawrence on

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    1. I show the credits of who owns the photos -the photos are not my own. But, yes, I did want to celebrate the once in a lifetime event of the first sunrise of this decade. The idea of witnessing the first year’s sunrise is part of many cultures, as you know as well. Thank you for visiting.

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