First Sunrise of the year

Photos of sunrise on January 1, 2020, from various locations around the world. As the Sun lifts the veil to the dawn of a new decade–Peace and blessings to you.

Photos in no particular order.

Owens Lake, California

Credit: Dave Weber on

Shanghai, China


Snowdonia, Northwest Wales

Credit: @ewefeltything on Instagram


Credit: inferno747 on


Credit: Matt Nowk on Youtube


Credit: @tallulahray on Instagram

East Lothian, Scotland

Credit: @looking_at_life_through_a_lens on Instagram

Inverness, Scotland

Credit: old fellow1 on

New Zealand

Credit: Mike on

Mount Fuji

Credit: Scott Shaw on flickr

Tokyo-Bay, Japan

Credit: Chika Oka-NO2 wakaichi

Urayasu Chiba, Japan

Credit: Ille de Japon on Youtube

Cheongsapo Daritdol, Busan South Korea

Ulsan, South Korea


Bangkok, Thailand

Credit: nation photo on

Snug, Tasmania

Credit: @terrylefont on Instagram

Gloucester, England


Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion (70 kilometers from Athens, Greece)

Credit: Lelos on

Ackerville, Wisconsin (Canadian National train arriving)

Credit: A Jeff Hampton Photograph on

Curtisville, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Credit: Timothy Valentine on

Silver Harbour, Lake Superior Region, Ontario, Canada

Credit: FrankWTW on

Aberdeen Harbour, UK

Credit: Rab Lawrence on

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