Can I get a witness? – A short tale

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Sasha chose a new route home that late afternoon because the holiday rush made her normal trek around the Mall no longer prudent. Her Manager allowed everyone to leave one hour early due to the holiday season. Sasha was happy for this unexpected chunk of free time. She planned to go home and get some much-needed rest before her next shift.  As she walked out of work, Sasha noticed that the roads were slick and a bit icy. She took her time driving the short road from the office to the first major intersection in her new route.

As she stopped at the light –it was red. She waited for it to turn green. Before it turned green, there was a loud bang – one sound only. Then she saw the reason for the loud bang. Where there was nothing before, a car had struck a street light pole, across the street from where Sasha was waiting to make her turn. Sasha was stunned. Where did this car come from? What is the condition of the occupant(s)? Sasha had a moment of disbelief, she thought she was dreaming. Events as she saw them, did not seem logical.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment.

Then, the traffic light turned to green for Sasha to make her left turn. She had no choice but to go.

Sasha took a quick glance before carefully stepping on the gas and easing out into the turn. It was dimmed, now, in the corner where the car came to rest– perhaps because the car struck the pole and shorted out the street light it supported. It is inexplicable, Sasha reasoned, how the car landed in the position it did, for this road only allowed east west travel; yet the damaged car was now facing North. No other vehicle appeared to have been involved. Therefore, it was even more perplexing how this event happened.

Bits of car engine parts, the hood, bumper, and several parts of the left headlight bulb assembly were strewn into the lanes of oncoming traffic. Sasha had to swerve often, as she made her left turn, to avoid as many of these pieces as possible. Praying, as she drove, for both the unknown condition of the occupant(s) of the ailing car and for her own tires’ safety from sharp debris.

Several blocks down the road Sasha saw a lone ambulance speeding in the direction where she had just turned onto the main road. Her hope was that the occupant would receive prompt medical aid.

Sasha was quite shaken by this event. When she arrived home, she watched the local news; which is not her normal custom. There were no reports of any accidents.

The next morning, the local radio station reported the accident Sasha witnessed. The accident made the local radio news because it was reported as a miracle wherein, inexplicably, the lone occupant of that vehicle sustained only minor injuries.

Sasha thanked God that someone was given the best holiday gift ever –their life, that December day on a busy icy road in the city.

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