Eau de Coffee

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Serenity was busy rushing to complete the last page of her proposal for her next potential gig as a freelance buyer. She was confident if she burned the midnight oil, and, that if she was the first one with a bid; she would win the contract.

As she busily typed the final sentence of her proposal, sipping her coffee quickly and frantically putting down her mug; she froze in her seat as she suddenly felt the warmth of the coffee on her only business-style attire worth mentioning. You see she had dressed in her best outfit as she finished her proposal. Her plan was this; email a copy of her bid and then, hand deliver a copy to the Project Lead in person, within the hour. She wanted to put her face to her proposal.

Serenity had placed the coffee cup on the edge of her computer desk. The mug then unceremoniously deposited its liquid deliciousness into her lap. She was about to get upset with herself for her error when suddenly she thought “well at least now, I have one more thing up on the competition – I have Eau de Coffee as my new personal fragrance.”

And, luck was on her side. Serenity’s soggy attire with the aroma of coffee made her quite a hit at the Project Manager’s office, as several staff began to relate their spilled coffee adventures. And yes, Serenity got the contract –it was as a coffee buyer for one of the largest coffee shop franchises in the city.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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