Coffee or tea…break?


The busy-ness of your day perhaps, does not lend itself to leisurely long luxurious days in extended retreats; however one can rest in short breaks and still feel truly refreshed.

Enjoying your favorite coffee or tea can be one of those breaks, as you know. Here are a few thoughts on taking just these types of short breaks and their gracious and often sublime benefits to your personal well-being. Cheers.


“The busyness of our lives can lead to imbalance if we do not take periodic breaks. This disequilibrium can put us ill at ease, making us prone to dis-ease…”
― Etta Dale Hornsteiner

“A beautiful nap this afternoon that put velvet between my vertebrae.”― Henry Miller

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“The antidote to exhaustion may not be rest but wholeheartedness… we are typically exhausted because we are not doing our TRUE work.”― Gordon T. Smith

“There is a rest that comes when you live out of your sound. Silence is no longer something to be avoided. It signifies a soul at rest.”― Suzette Hinton

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“Relaxing after intense effort not only provides an opportunity to rejuvenate, but also to metabolise and embed learning.”― Malti Bhojwani

“Rest a while as the new growth takes place. Observe changes in your outer and inner world. This is your foundation for the next step.”― Kelly Martin

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“Managing our stress and our rest is a sign of living wisely. Refueling as a way to find joy, to create pleasure, and to celebrate life in the midst of all its demands fills our hearts with renewed hope. When we take the time to breathe, listen, and rest from the daily grind to see miracles bubbling up in our lives.”― Sally Clarkson

“if you rest at work, you will work at rest”― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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“Each wave that rolls onto the shore must release back to the ocean. You are the same. Each wave of action you take must release back to the peace within you.” ― Vironika Tugaleva

“Rest is synonymous with grace, which is never seized by force but always taken hold of freely by faith.”― John Koessler

“Life without the gift of rest is merely existing without being able to enjoy the bouquet of all we have been given.” ― Margaret Feinberg


“For those of us who live in a sunny and hot desert, a cloudy day is sometimes all we need to clear our minds…”― Rodolfo Peon

Research shows that we need to take a break and decompress so we can be at our best at work—and at home. Maybe we should ask if the life we’re working so hard to create is fun to live?” ― Tina Hallis

“Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs.”― Russell Eric Dobda

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“Is there a place you can go to break away for a little while? If you haven’t yet built your tree house, it’s never too late to start.”― Gina Greenlee

“When things are not happening as planned just stop worrying and take an unplanned break to regain yourself.”― Giridhar Alwar

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“Now at last I have come to see what life is,
Nothing is ever ended, everything only begun,
And the brave victories that seem so splendid
Are never really won.

Even love that I built my spirit’s house for,
Comes like a brooding and a baffled guest,
And music and men’s praise and even laughter
Are not so good as rest.”
― Sara Teasdale

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