The cockroach and coffee- a short tale

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The coffee pot is dripping gleefully as the sounds and smells of fresh brewed coffee meander from the kitchen to her living room. The ‘night’ outside disguises the truth – it is 7 o’clock in the morning. The sun has been absent visibly for days. Shantoozie’s only brightness in these dull days of night (aka winter) is her extra large fake Starbucks mug used for the soul sacred purpose of preparing and drinking her coffee.

She knows the sound of the end of the brewing process by heart. The machine spurts, gurgles like it just downed a vat of mouthwash and brought it back up again (forgive the imagery); but it does sound like someone gurgling with an uncomfortably large portion of mouthwash. However, I digress from the story, dear reader.

Yes, so the coffee has finished its march from the water to the ground beans and danced its way into her fake mug. Shantoozie dances with delight, well more like strolls comfortably to the machine to collect her prize.

As she nears the machine and her favorite mug full of her favorite sipping delight, (aka coffee), she stops mid stride. She could not believe her eyes– there, crawling up her mug to take the first sip of her freshly brewed coffee was a tiny cockroach! It acted like it owned the place. She couldn’t believe the boldness of this creature. Such rudeness! Anyway, Shantoozie dispensed with the interloper — removing that offending object from her precious fake mug of now undesirable material.

Without missing a beat, she vigorously washes her mug and all parts of the machine and, brews another cup. This time however she stays perched in the kitchen, guarding her prize until it was ready. And now… ah bliss, as Shantoozie enjoys her coffee. Later, of course, yet another call to the pest control folks. To life’s small pleasures, Cheers.

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