It is the Season

Image by Gabriel Greuter from Pixabay

It is the season for

warm nights by the hearth.

It is the season of close friends reminiscing

days and times gone. It is a season that commemorate:

friendships, family, hope, the star of Bethlehem, and

The Rose of Sharon. It is the season of celebration.

Whatever you may call it, it is what it is for you.

No tree required. No lights needed. No all-night baking necessary.

No shopping at dark sales, because it is a season of light after all.

None of these,

can hold a candle to

the true meaning of this season.

It is the season where,

you remember

Your new birth in Him.

He choose to share His life with you.

It is this time of year which marks that divine event,

when He chose to step down out of heaven’s glory,

to live among the world He created with His word.

Where He chose to understand and to bear all for you.

He chooses to call this season His own.

It is a season of Hope, His hope for your eternal life in Him.

It is a season of new beginnings;

Your new beginning-

The birth of

your new life

which you have in Him-

commemorated and,

in Memory of, His gift to you.

That ancient story of a baby in swaddling attire

marks an exquisite point in the earthly history of your eternal deliverance.

It is the season to open hearts to Hope, to encourage peace everywhere and to

Celebrate eternal life in Him. It is the season to celebrate the life

you have in Him.

After all, in a very divine way, it is your Birthday too.

In this way, He has chosen to celebrate His sacrifice

by giving you a share in His eternal life forever.

Therefore, celebrate, how ever you want or don’t want.

And, whatever you do,

do in memory of Him

He, who is – The Lord and maker of life.

“In whom you live, move and, have your being.”

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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  1. It is indeed the season of new begining. May God help us to recognize that He is not looking for a birthday celebration, but a celebration of new birth in Christ Jeaus. Have a blessed day.

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