Yes, what you do, does matter

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Yes, what you do does matter.

You are not bored.

You are not tired of the same old thing.

You are not less than, or more than

yesterday’s post, article, book, or poem.

You are someone uniquely special,

highly prized;

To whom there is no equal.

You are being fashioned in the potter’s wheel of trials,

Fired in the kiln of adversity and,

Divinely polished and glazed to shine into eternity.

Therefore, the next time that little thought floats by your mind–

suggesting that what you do does not matter.

Remember, if you choose to,

you have the power within you

to move mountains with only faith.

So, Keep on writing.

Keep on blogging.

Post whatever strikes your fancy.

Your work is a blessing, never forget that.

Someone, somewhere needs to hear what you have to say,

In the exact way that only you can.

You who are being fashioned to contain what you have gone through,

and to pour it out from your beautiful jar of clay with such sweetness,

that it touches hearts;

hearts longing for someone to care, to simply understand and to not judge.

So, Keep on–my fellow bloggers, writer, creatives.

Your work matters far greater than you know.


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19 thoughts on “Yes, what you do, does matter

  1. Wow, Suzette, this is beautiful, so uplifting, and I really needed to hear this today… as I expect do so many of us. Power to the word, and sharing our own experiences, no matter how imperfectly… “The world needs our stories.” Thanks Suzette, for sharing this beautiful poem. ❤️

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  2. Suzette, your post today followed your own recipe and I suspect you touched many hearts.
    Don’t most of us suffer exactly this, does what I say matter? There are so many who can say
    the same.
    You point out that we are all unique and all say it with our own experiences behind; those who formed
    us and made our heart both sing and bleed.

    Thank you Suzette


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