Solo Season

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

It is that solo season again when,

the days dim in pleasurable delight-

showcasing all that is already bright in the world:

snow, sun, stars, sea, moon,

holidays feasts, and holiday lights.

You treasure your creative solitude, except

for a brief moment during this season

when the memories of your life wrap your mind

in a temporary embrace.

You remember the loved ones lovingly called home.

You remember the times of years past,

when holiday noise filled the heart and the hearth.

You remember even more when the lights and the music of the season

float through the air to your ears.

And, just for a moment, you remember.

Just for a moment you feel –alone.

But, just as quickly as that moment comes to mind;

It goes.

You suddenly remember why

you chose this lifestyle of semi-solitude.

You chose it, to be the family “volunteer.”

You chose it, to be the one in your family to stand in the gap

for the rest of your bloodline,

who may not have had the opportunity,

the education and the gifts with which you are graced.

Gifts which, when illustrated, written or spoken;

heal wounds,

add drops of cooling water onto thirsty souls,

deliver messages of hope and

breathe words of light and of truth.

You remember with sudden clarity and joy that you chose

somewhere deep in your soul,

a long, long time ago, to “represent”

your family name, your family line, and

to leave a beautiful sacrifice–

a legacy greater than yourself.

For this chosen work – the cost?

Creative solitude as a lifestyle-

A self imposed productive dim where;

your tiny bit of light, joins with all other similar lights to emblazon a beacon of Hope

in a dark world –

A world that desperately needs to remember to whom it belongs;

The maker of heaven and earth, and the author of Life–God.

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

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