Consider your options

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You are thinking of moving on, particularly in a work or career endeavor. However, you know that you have the option to remain where your are planted, for a while longer. Then– Consider your options. Leaving now or in the very near future, may, I say may, reduce rather than enhance/increase your options, at this point in time.

Your options, in this situation could perhaps be a sign of your divine abundance and blessings, rather than an obstacle meant to confuse or misdirect your progress forward. Consider your options and embrace them. The choice is yours, of course, as it should be…- and so it is.

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.”-  Chris Rock

“You have as many options as you give yourself.”- Kasie West

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“The greater the volume of thoughts you have to work with, the better the context you can create for developing options and trusting your choices.” – David Allen,

“Success is about having more options. More the options, more the success.” –Krishna Saaga

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“The aim of demanding quick responses or decisions is to limit time to consider options.”- Steven Redhead

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“The world judges you by the decisions you make:
never knowing the options you had to choose from…” – Nitya Prakash

“Options…Stay firm with your first choice, decision and the promise that, bring you to success, and… dignity.” –  Ehsan Sehgal

“The biggest present you can give are options.” – Daren Martin

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